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Mariella Caridi-hAnds

I was born into a bilingual family where French and Spanish were my parents’ native languages. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to become fluent in both languages, and now I find joy in sharing my knowledge with young students.

Languages play a crucial role in conveying a country’s culture and history. Being able to express oneself in another language creates a bridge between people, connecting them with their culture and heritage.

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 With my team, all of whom are native speakers, I am determined to pass on this curious spirit and foster global awareness among younger generations. We firmly believe that learning a new language allows students to expand and grow. To make the learning journey more enjoyable, we also incorporate aspects of French, Spanish, and Latin American culture into our teachings.

Our primary focus is on helping students at the primary school level, providing them with a solid foundation and confidence in languages as they progress to secondary school.

in person spanish french classes

In Person Language Clubs - Primary

French And Spanish language clubs for Primary age children in Maidenhead, Marlow and High Wycombe.

spanish primary online lessons

Online Spanish Lessons - Primary

Online one to one Spanish lessons for Primary aged children if you need flexible, remote learning options.

Online Spanish Support - Secondary

We offer online support for Secondary aged children who may need help during the transition period or preparation for their exams

Our Team

I am supported by Meiba from Venezuala, Monica from Panama and Samia from France. We are all dedicated to teaching our classes through fun and interaction.


Dear Mariella and Meiba

Thank you very much for all these years of educating my children. Your  dedication and endeavour  have made  my children very fond of both languages

Dear Mariella

Thank you very much for your french lessons for my three children over the last few years.  They have really appreciated your patience, humour and kindness. They have a good frounding in French that will service them well in future years. They will miss you!

Thank you for all your patience and efforts with L. over the past couple of years. She has always enjoyed the class and hopefully this will benefit her at her new school.